Connecting the world one cellular network at a time.

Ukama is a cost-effective and complete end-to-end solution for cellular connection, accessible to everyone, anywhere.
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Empowering companies and communities through communication.

With open-source and managed software, Ukama removes the location, power, and technical barriers of establishing an effective, low-cost and modern cellular network.

It’s a simple solution for a future of powerful connection.

How it works

Access more solutions with less technical know-how — plus, a network managed for you.
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    Purchase hardware.

    Purchase open-sourced, inexpensive hardware directly from us. Sign up for notification when its available.
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    Log in and get set up.

    Create an account on our cloud dashboard and quickly activate service.
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    Power up and go.

    Connect your unit to a power source — including solar and wind — and enjoy a working cellular network.

Scalable connection.
No technical experience required.

From rural farms to bustling cities, individuals to enterprise operations, Ukama can provide reliable cellular coverage while running completely off-grid.

Individuals and Small Businesses

Think: A tech worker in need of a simple, secure, reliable connection to work remotely.

Midsize Businesses and Schools

Think: An enterprise operation running industrial automation looking to skip the connection issues and congestion of WiFi networks.

Large Operations and Outdoor Areas

Think: An ISP or community network establishing broadband connectivity in suburban or rural areas around the world.

It’s about staying connected to the greater good.

Inspired by the Shona people of Zimbabwe, the ethic of Ukama encourages human action to be driven by a concern for the well-being of future generations.

We make the majority of our hardware and software open-source. We provide service accessible to everyone, empowering communities, enterprises, and entrepreneurs. We strive to embody this powerful philosophy in everything we do.

Our Investors

Finally, a cellular network built for you, by you.

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